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Amendments to National Motor Freight Classification in effect

Last month, the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) announced new amendments for the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), which will go into effect April 8th, 2023.


The NMFC are codes that designate a number to a group of commodities. They allow for carriers to classify and evaluate items to identify how items fit in the truck, shipping issues, perishability and if they need any additional measures. There are 18 freight classes that these commodities can fit into, starting with Class 50 (Clean Freight) and ending with Class 500 (Low Density or High Value). The FCDC is a group of people who are responsible for maintaining, updating, and establishing the NMFC.


Freight classification is extremely important for trucking companies or shippers to understand. If you were to classify your freight incorrectly, it would cost you money, time, and stress.Therefore, it is very important to keep up to date on these new changes to the NMFC, as there are a long list of changes which will affect a wide-range of industries.

Below is a brief list of some of the changes that have been made. For more details, you can read the FCDC’s Docket for 2022-3 Bundle.


NMFC Amendments:

Cabinets, or Parts Named:

Numerous items cancelled; Adding new items such as #39495

Chemicals, NOI:

Certain classes, such as item #43940 are changing from being defined by packing to density based.

Dental, Hospital or Medical Supply Group:

Numerous items cancelled; adding new items such as #56570, #56590, #56830, and #56930

Foodstuff (other than frozen):

Numerous items cancelled, with reference to item #73260

- This will affect: rice, cooked food, pasta, dessert, toppings, prepared foods, soup and soup mixes,           and dried or powered potato items.

Furniture Groups and Furniture Parts Group:

Numerous items cancelled; adding new items such as #78400 and #79300


Numerous items cancelled; adding new items such as #137390

Pesticides (including Insect Paper and Flypaper):

Item #155045 is cancelled; item #155050 amended to assign the FCDC’s standard sub-provision density scale.

Plastic or Rubber Articles

Numerous items and obsolete provisions cancelled, products reclassified, minimum packing requirements amended, and other changes.


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