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Carrier Shout Out: FedEx Freight® Volume Services

Next up in our carrier spotlight series is FedEx Freight® Volume Services! The Knichel Logistics Less than Truckload and OTR divisions have been focusing on expanding our partial/volume freight capabilities and FedEx has played a significant part in making this happen.

About FedEx Freight®FedEx Freight.jpg

FedEx Freight® is an operating unit of the FedEx Corporation and is one of the largest LTL carriers in the United States. The FedEx Freight® segment operates approximately 65,000 vehicles and trailers from a network of roughly 370 service centers. They specialize in large-volume LTL freight that is not time sensitive by loading it into unused truckload space. This is a particularly cost effective way to move partial shipments. 

Benefits of Using FedEx Freight®:

  • Economical Rates. We are able to receive spot quotes from FedEx Freight® to move shipments greater than 4 pallets and/or 10,000 lbs. The reason these rates are cost effective for larger shipments that do not take up a full truck but are larger than a standard LTL move is because you are not paying for space that you are not using.
  • Perfect for Partials. As mentioned above, this service works for shipments that are too small for a full truckload, but too large for conventional LTL. These types of moves are more common than ever, therefore it’s nice to have a solution to fit this type of freight.
  • Reliable. FedEx Freight® has been consistently improving their on-time performance with pickups and deliveries which is obviously something of great importance to both Knichel Logistics and our customers.

This type of service is perfect if you are not concerned about expedited transit times and are also hoping to save substantial money. At Knichel, we tend to think of this service as a comparison between full truckload and intermodal. Full truckload will be quicker but more expensive while intermodal will be slower but less expensive. FedEx Freight® Volume services might take a little longer than full truckload or LTL but it will definitely save you money. 

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