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Carrier Shout Out: Roadrunner Transportation Systems

Knichel Logistics depends on having the best carriers in our network. We wanted to let our carrier partners know how much they are valued so we are starting off a carrier spotlight segment to highlight carriers that are exceeding our expectations. First up is Roadrunner Transportation Systems for making our LTL team happy.

About RoadrunnerRRTS Corporate -col.gif

Roadrunner Transportation Systems is an asset-light transportation provider with locations all over North America. They started off as an LTL provider in the 1980s but have grown to offer a full suite of logistics solutions via numerous large acquisitions and smart strategic growth. Their 2015 annual revenue was nearly $2 billion.  

Why We Love Roadrunner!

  • Competitive Rates. They offer extremely competitive rates for slower transit times, which is a great business solution if expedited transit times aren’t of utmost importance.
  • Dependability on Transit Times. They recently overhauled their estimated transit times to be more precise, so they are hitting higher on-time performance benchmarks. Roadrunner also now offers guaranteed transit times. In order to make sure we can accommodate the delivery schedules of our own customers, it is vital to have carrier partners that focus on accurate transit times so this means a lot to us.
  • Special Delivery Location Needs. Roadrunner delivers to most grocery warehouses, which means that they have great connections to help with troublesome shipments that other LTL carriers might not touch.
  • Improved Communication. Roadrunner has been continuously working on improving communication lines and centralizing the customer service to one location. Having open lines of communication is a critical component of being a top-rated carrier in our book.


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