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Freight Focus – Week of June 28, 2021

The following information is collected from our service division managers along with various industry resources and gives a generalized scope of what has been going on this past week in freight transportation.

The national average price of diesel fuel is $3.300 per gallon for the week of 6/28/2021.



Less than Truckload

Over the Road

  • Supply chain constraints, spot posts push up trucking rates:
    • Still seeing elevated rates, and continuing to climb in certain areas. “Normal times” the average cost per load in the industry, according to Truckstop’s data, falls between $1200 and $1300. The spike late in 2018 ballooned up to around $1550. As of last week, it had surpassed $1650 and continues to climb toward $1675.
  • Most regular carriers are continuing to book out at least a week in advance. Lead time is critical right now, especially when trying to secure new dedicated freight. Typically only seeing a day or 2 of lead time once spot loads are awarded.

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