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Knichel Intermodal: Stay Ahead of The Curve

It’s no secret that over the road rates are steadily rising throughout the nation. Customers are essentially paying more for less. With truck capacity leaving the market at a higher rate and fuel spikes plaguing the industry, people are asking, “What do we do now?”

Knichel Logistics has the answer: Intermodal. By shipping freight with Knichel Logistics’ Intermodal Department, customers are choosing lower costs, consistent capacity and seamless movement across borders.

Because of Intermodal’s perceived complexities, some customers prefer to stick to the most familiar method of moving freight (via truck). However, with our teams’ 20 + years of experience and professionalism, Knichel Logistics Intermodal provides an effortless transportation experience. Knichel Logistics encourages you to broaden your horizons with our Intermodal services.

For those who have never moved intermodal, here is all you need to know about how IMC’s (intermodal marketing companies) like Knichel Logistics move your freight over the rails.

Now is the time to think about moving your freight via intermodal. Fuel rates will only trend higher as we transition into the summer months, and keep in mind that peak season allocation is done in late summer – you could avoid repo charges of $500 or even more by making the switch now!

Additionally, our railroad partners have been focusing on network improvements, including development of additional intermodal ramps, which are reducing transit times. More lane options have also been opening up due to their focus on more short length of haul routes in key markets. There are also increased small box options for heavier freight and for short term needs. Intermodal also provides flex drop capacity for end of month and end of quarter requirements.

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