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Knichel Logistics' Expertise In Over The Road Services

If you are looking for a truckload service provider who truly understands the needs of their customer, look no further than Knichel Logistics. Rather than extolling how many thousands of carriers we have in our network, we focus on being an extension of your company’s sales team. Knichel has the resources and hand-picked carrier network to match the perfect carrier to your specific needs – be they product based, location based, or even surge capacity driven. We do not claim to be the full truckload service provider who can cover anything, anywhere. Our focus is on providing you with a seamless transportation experience based on your needs.

By knowing your location, product, frequency of shipping, and destinations, Knichel will determine the best carrier fit and handle all communications and management of that capacity for you. Knichel owns the performance, so if our carriers do not deliver on expectations, we will make it right.

Our core lanes are detailed on the following map. We have extensive carrier bases in 3 key areas of the United States, offering short haul, regional and long-haul services at competitive rates. 

FTL Map Lanes

Because of our continuous and thorough vetting process, our carriers are also tiered based on various metrics. For example, a Carrier 1 is a Knichel core carrier for 10+ years, performs current drop business for the last 3 years, has excellent service scorecards and are set up directly via EDI with us. A Carrier 2 is a procured relationship Knichel carrier who does not currently handle dedicated business but they do provide all of their dedicated lanes of needs. Their lanes and areas of service are likely to fit within your RFP.

Case Studies: Successful Over the Road Deliveries by Knichel Logistics

Knichel Logistics has a proven track record of successful over the road deliveries. Here are some case studies that highlight our expertise and capabilities:

Case Study 1: Non-Profit Retail Grocer

  • Challenge: A non-profit grocery retailer needed to move shipments via LTL and as cost effective as possible.

Solution: Knichel Logistics conducted a thorough analysis of the company's transportation needs and developed a customized solution. By leveraging our carrier networks and advanced technology, we optimized the company's OTR transportation, resulting in significant cost savings and improved delivery times.

Case Study 2: Manufacturing Equipment Transportation

  • Challenge: A manufacturing company required the transportation of heavy machinery and equipment to a new facility.

Solution: Knichel Logistics coordinated the transportation of the machinery, ensuring proper handling and timely delivery. Our expertise in OTR logistics and specialized equipment ensured a smooth and successful transportation process.

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