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Knichel Logistics is a 2017 SmartWay High Performer!

The EPA has named Knichel Logistics a 2017 SmartWay High Performer based on the performance of our shipping and freight operations and overall logistics efficiency. This is the very first year that the EPA has published a SmartWay High Performer listing. We are incredibly excited and proud that we are 1 of 8 logistics companies to make this list! Here is the list of the high performing logistics companies who are committed to sustainability:

Selection Criteria

"SmartWay partners submit efficiency and air quality performance data to EPA annually. EPA aggregates and divides the data into five ranked performance ranges. SmartWay High Performers are partners whose efficiency and/or air quality performance falls within the top-ranked performance range." 

The selection criteria for logistics companies is as follows: 80 percent of miles or ton-miles are SmartWay shipped and environmental performance based on 50% CO2 + 25% NO+ 25% PM g/ton-mile

There are also five other categories including carrier fleets, multimodal carriers, and shippers. Check them out here along with all of the pertinent information regarding the SmartWay Transport Partners program!


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