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Our 17th Year in Business

Today we are proud to celebrate Knichel Logistics’ 17th anniversary! On April 28th, 2003, we first opened our doors with a very small staff and a handful of dedicated customers - many of whom are still with us 17 years later! Thanks to everyone's hard work and dedication, we are looking forward to many more years. Without the support of our excellent teams and exceptional customers and carrier partners, we would not be where we are today.

Each and every employee plays a very important role in the growth and development of our company. It is because of their enthusiasm, support, dedication, and hard work that Knichel Logistics has continued to grow over the years. We have seen this perseverance first-hand, especially through the difficult times we are going through right now.

Thank you to each and every person who has worked with, for, and alongside Knichel Logistics. We truly appreciate every single person who has helped us reach 17 amazing years in business.

Anniversary Cake
Hopefully when we are all back in the office, we can update this to a "Celebrating 17 Years" cake!


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