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Shipper Tips: The ELD Mandate Edition

Fork lift operator preparing products for shipment.jpegThe countdown is still on – we are just over two weeks away from the implementation of the electronic logging device mandate on December 18th. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to pass on a piece of advice to make the process as smooth as possible. You’re likely already aware of the capacity crunch due to the driver shortage and increased demand on trucks, but the ELD mandate is definitely throwing another factor into the mix that will exacerbate the capacity issue.

Carriers are still working to become compliant with the new mandate. CarrierLists conducted a series of surveys which have shown ELD compliance rates hovering around 70% for the past few weeks. Some carriers are still holding off until closer to the deadline and others have likely installed the software over the Thanksgiving holiday.

While carriers work on compliance, some of the larger trucking companies have been implementing programs that give preference to shippers who do not make drivers wait. Shippers who do so on a habitual basis are going to have a hard time finding drivers who will take their freight. With electronic logging devices installed, it will be very clear where loading dock hold-ups occur, which makes it even more imperative for shippers to be as attentive as possible to their appointment times.

Operating revenue will be higher for carriers who do not have to deal with their drivers being held up at docks because their drivers will be able to cover more ground. Drivers have a critical 11-hour time frame in which they are legally able to drive and must have 10 consecutive hours of rest, per the federal hours of service rule. Waiting to load/unload a truck for 2 hours, or even less, would be immensely detrimental to a driver’s schedule, and thus their bottom line. Taking this into account, the possibility of shorter detention times and increased detention fees could be on the horizon as well.

As the capacity crunch continues to increase, it’s in the best interests of all shippers to be as efficient as possible in getting drivers in and out quick in order to get a piece of the limited truck capacity that is out there.


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