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Should I Ship Volume LTL (aka Partials)?

Volume LTL is the best of both worlds – move your freight more quickly than intermodal and for less money than full truckload! Volume LTL, otherwise referred to as partial truckload shipping or simply partials, is not quite a full truckload but too much for a conventional LTL move. If this mode is a new concept to you, you are not alone. Partial truckload is surprisingly underused, yet has many benefits. Our goal is to educate you on why you should be using volume LTL.

So, what exactly is a partial truckload or volume LTL shipment?

A shipment qualifies as a good candidate for volume LTL if it is over 5,000 lbs, has 6 pallets or more, and takes up between 12 and 32 linear feet of trailer space.

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What are the benefits of volume LTL?

First off, a partial shipment is going to cost you less than a full truckload shipment. Your rate will be the cost of the trailer space used and the total weight of the shipment.

Second, volume LTL does not utilize freight class like conventional LTL does. That means you won’t have to deal with potential extra charges like re-classing.

Third, partial shipments tend to ship more quickly (usually same day) AND they get handled much less than conventional LTL because partial freight moves dock to dock versus being transloaded at terminals. Less handling means less likelihood of dealing with claims.

Fourth, volume LTL helps with the full utilization of trucks which is a win for carriers. The result is less wasted money on dry runs. Volume LTL is truly a great solution for companies eager to ship higher volumes quickly at lower costs.

How do I get started shipping partial truckload??

If you’ve never shipped partial truckload, now is the time to start! It just so happens that the Knichel Logistics LTL team is very good at handling partials. Give Casey, Rochelle, or Chelsey a call or email today! You’ll be happy you did. If you'd like more information on volume LTL, download our guide here!


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