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The TIA Supporting Brokers: A Quick Overview

Anne Reinke, CEO and President of TIA, recently provided Congress with a list of solutions to enhance the flow of goods and reduce supply chain disruptions. Reinke shed light on the crucial role logistics firms play in the supply chain and how safety is a top priority.

Reinke suggested several remedies to streamline the movement of goods, such as urging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to prioritize safety issues and establish a better safety rating process based on reliable data. Presently, most motor carriers remain unrated due to the FMCSA's outdated audit system and lack of resources to conduct safety inspections. This situation leads to confusion for TIA members when vetting carriers.

Reinke also highlighted the negative impact of fraudulent activity on the logistics sector and its customers, estimating that brokers, carriers, and shippers lose around $800 million annually due to fraudulent activity. Reinke emphasized the need to combat fraud and outlined TIA's collaboration with government agencies to address this issue.

To learn more about Reinke's recommendations and TIA's work to mitigate supply chain disruptions and combat fraud, read the article below: