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Carrier Compliance with ELD Mandate

The Pittsburgh skyline and I-279 at night, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..jpegAs a shipper, you might be wondering how 3PLs or freight brokers are aware if the carriers they are using are in compliance with the electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate that goes into effect on December 18th. It's a good question and one that you have a right to an answer to - especially considering that the mandate is law. 

Let's take a step back though first. Carriers and their drivers have been required by law for several years now to maintain a "Record of Duty Status" in order to keep track and document their hours of service. They have been doing this via paper log books for the most part. The ELD mandate is merely a change in the way drivers are expected to keep track of their hours of service - via an electronic device installed in their trucks instead of paper records. So long story short, the ELD mandate is not a change to the hours of service regulations. It's a change in how they are recorded.

So back to the original question: How do we know if our carriers are compliant with the ELD mandate? Most brokers and 3PLs, Knichel Logistics included, have carrier agreements/contracts that all carriers who perform services for them must sign prior to being used as a service provider. Within these contracts, there is typically language stating that the carrier must comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations. That being said, the ELD mandate would fall under that stipulation. Again, it is just a change in how hours of service are recorded, not the number of hours itself. 

If assurances that carriers are compliant based on carrier agreements are not enough to ease concerns, the broker or 3PL could request confirmation from their carrier base that they are indeed compliant with the new mandate. If the carrier agreement is well drafted, as it should be, there really isn't a reason to seek confirmations - the purpose of a contract is to be abided by in order to protect all parties involved.

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