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Knichel and Tai Perfect the LTL Experience

Whatever you choose to call it, Less-Than-Truckload, Less-Than-Load, or LTL, Knichel Logistics ensures a positive LTL booking experience with our newest partnership in the Tai Transportation Management System.

LTL in a nutshell

LTL is a trucking service in which small loads and quantities are shipped. Two factors qualify a shipment as LTL: weight and floor room. Loads that have less than 15 pallets, are less than 20,000 pounds, and do not exceed 28 linear feet are considered LTL. To put it simply, LTL ships small and fast!

LTL shipments are performed by parcel services and or logistics companies, such as Knichel Logistics.

Customers choose to use LTL for many reasons:

  1. LTL shipping allows our customers to supply a continuous stream of products to their customers.
  2. This process guarantees inventory is never out of stock.
  3. And it increases or promotes a steady profit, rather than forfeiting income while waiting for a full truck load.

When pricing LTL loads, it’s helpful to remember that it can be an intricate process as there are several factors that influence the rate of an LTL shipment. However, Knichel Logistics’ skilled LTL Team is more than capable of handling all your questions and concerns!

LTL’s pricing is based on three main components: product class, distance, and weight. Customers are encouraged to request a quote through Once the quote information is provided to the Knichel Logistics LTL Team, the shipment needs to be classed and then determined if it’s density-based or specialized.

Why Tai?

Tai is a Transportation Management System that is specifically built for an optimal LTL experience for brokers and carriers. Tai prides itself on efficiency, and with the automatically generated updates throughout a delivery, customers can be informed on every step of their shipment’s journey from pick up to drop off. We also offer a self-service customer portal via Tai!

Here's what will be better for you:tai

  • Enhanced self-service portal
  • Visibility to tracking
  • Upgraded reporting and metrics
  • Clearer invoicing
  • Improved documentation handling
  • Increased carrier options and services
  • Customer specific pricing and managed services

For more LTL info regarding terms & conditions, follow this link. To sign up for the LTL Customer Portal and customize your reporting preferences, click this button:

User Preferences


And lastly, here is our official Customer Portal walkthrough video:


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